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Suitability report - TÜV

Tests of driving skills, if necessary aptitude test after disability or driver's license withdrawal Continue

Medical examination

An important task of the medical officer is to carry out medical examinations and assessments and to issue reports, certificates and attestations. In many legal regulations, an official medical examination is expressly required. One of the reasons ... Continue

Advise and review existing or potential training companies

If you would like to train in your company, the responsible body will advise and support you, for example the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce (HK) Continue

Driving license, driving aptitude seminar

By taking part in the driving fitness seminar, one point can be reduced if no more than five points are recorded in the driving fitness register. You can find out your current points balance on the Federal Motor Transport Authority homepage. If you ... Continue

Driving licence, issuing a driving license for accompanied driving at the age of 17 (category B and BE)

The minimum age for obtaining a category B and BE driving license will be reduced to 17 years. Continue

Certificate of marital status, issue

You want to get married abroad and need a marriage certificate. Continue

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