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Passport, first or new issue

All persons with German citizenship who have their main residence in Hamburg can apply for a passport in Hamburg. The consent of all custodians is required up to the age of 18. Since November 1, 2007, only biometric passports with fingerprints have ... Continue

Make an appointment online, locations Hamburg Service

Apply for an identity card for the first time

Once you are 16 years old, you must have a valid form of identification that can be used to verify your identity. This is usually an identity card or a passport. Continue

Application status ID / passport Make an appointment online, locations Hamburg Service

change first name

You can have your first name changed under certain conditions. Continue

Change the order of first names

If you have more than one first name, you can change their order with a declaration. Continue

Examination of the right of first refusal

You intend to sell or buy a property or have already concluded a property purchase agreement and need information on the FHH's right of first refusal. The LIG provides information on the examination of statutory pre-emption rights and the procedure Continue

Apply for first afforestation

If you want to create new forest on an area where there were no trees before, you must apply for a permit in advance. Continue

Show AwSV attachments for the first time

Would you like to register for a facility for handling water-polluting substances for the first time? Then you can do that with an online service. Continue

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