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Apply for permission to purchase if you have a firearm ownership card for hunting associations

If you, as a hunting association, have a weapon ownership card (WBK) and want to purchase a firearm that requires a permit, you must apply for this. Continue

Apply for a yellow firearm ownership card for individual sport shooters

If you are a member of a shooting club, you can apply for a permanent permit to purchase certain types of weapons (yellow gun ownership card). Continue

Apply for a firearms license

If you want to carry a firearm in public, you must first apply for a firearms license. Continue

Apply for a European firearms passport

If you want to take your weapons within the European Union (EU) or to Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland, you need a European firearms passport. Continue

Extend European firearms passport

If your European Firearms Passport expires, you will need to have it renewed. Continue

Apply for a small firearms license

If you want to carry blank, irritant and signal weapons with the approval mark of the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) in public, you must first apply for a small weapon license. Continue

Apply for permission to permanently transport firearms or ammunition to, through or from the Federal Republic of Germany

If you have had your weapons rendered unusable or destroyed, you must report this within two weeks. Continue

Weapons, ammunition or permission documents - report loss

If you have lost a weapon, ammunition or a firearms permit, such as a firearms ownership card or a firearms license, you must immediately report this to the responsible firearms authority. Continue

Report the purchase of a weapon

If you purchase a firearm that requires a license or give it to someone, you must report this to the responsible authorities within two weeks. Continue

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