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Fault and damage reports for light signal and lighting systems in Hamburg

In the event of damage or malfunctions in traffic lights or public lighting, please report directly to: Hamburger Verkehrsanlagen GmbH. Contact: Please give the exact description of the location (if possible, street and house ... Continue

Apply for assistance to determine maintenance claims

If the other parent does not pay maintenance, you can get support from the guardianship and have the maintenance obligation certified. The maintenance advance money office can help you directly financially and provide an advance or replacement of maintenance. Continue

Power failure, message

Power supply faults, e.g. B. Power outages are received by Stromnetz Hamburg GmbH as the distribution network operator for all electricity customers around the clock, regardless of which provider you are a customer of. Continue


Photogrammetry (image measurement) is a measurement and evaluation process to determine its spatial position or three-dimensional shape from photographs and precise measurement images of an object. Current application in the LGV is primarily in ... Continue

Species protection woods, rosewood, bubinga

general information on wood that is subject to species protection Continue

Apply for loans for business start-ups and company successions

The Hamburg Investment and Development Bank (IFB Hamburg), in cooperation with the Bürgschaftsbank Hamburg GmbH (Bürgschaftsbank), grants investment and working capital loans for start-ups and successors at favorable and risk-appropriate conditions. Continue

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