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Power failure, message

Power supply faults, e.g. B. Power outages are received by Stromnetz Hamburg GmbH as the distribution network operator for all electricity customers around the clock, regardless of which provider you are a customer of. Continue

Enforcement of child benefit claims

Unlawfully drawn child benefit will be reclaimed from the family benefits office. If the debtor does not meet his payment obligations voluntarily, the amount due may be enforced (e.g. seizure of property) by the main customs office in Hamburg-Stadt. Continue

Divorce petition decision

In order to end your existing marriage, you must apply for divorce in the family court. You must be represented by a lawyer. There is no legal requirement to approve the divorce petition. The family court pronounces the divorce, provided that the ... Continue

Authority number 115

You will receive information about services provided by the Hamburg administration and other public institutions Continue

Violation of the Youth Protection Act

The Youth Protection Act serves to protect children and young people. For example, children and young people are not allowed to be present in amusement arcades. Brandy and drinks containing brandy or food that contains brandy in more than a small ... Continue

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