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Extend driver's license

The application for an extension must be submitted to the LBV. The same documents are required for this (see important information) as for the first-time acquisition of the driver's license. If proof of participation in first aid training has already ... Continue

Driver's license, company card

Commercial drivers have to record their driving and rest times. The company needs company cards to read this data. It is issued directly in the name of the company; several such cards per company are possible. If sole proprietorships have driver ... Continue

Driving instructor, driving instruction license

The driving instruction permit entitles the driver to train learner drivers. Continue

Driver's license, aptitude test

Extract from Annex 5 FeV (on Section 11 Paragraph 9, Section 48 Paragraph 4 and 5) Aptitude tests for applicants and holders of classes C, C1, D, D1 and the associated trailer classes E as well as the driver's license for passenger transport. ... Continue

Driving license, provisional driving license

If your driving license has been lost or if you would like to apply for an extension, you can receive a provisional driving license for the transition period (sending the EU driving license). Continue

Pick up your driver's license

The new driver's license will generally be sent by registered mail by Bundesdruckerei. In exceptional cases, no delivery can be made and the new driver's license must be collected from the Landesbetrieb Verkehr (LBV) in exchange for the old driver's ... Continue

Exchange driver's license, service driver's license

As long as the driver's license is still valid, service driver's licenses can be exchanged for a civilian driver's license, which then also allows vehicles to be driven in civil traffic. This exchange mainly concerns the driver's licenses from the Bundeswehr. Continue

Driving instructor, driving school permit

If you want to set up your own driving school as a driving instructor, you must apply for a driving school permit from the Landesbetrieb Verkehr. Continue

Apply for a driver's license, workshop card

In all newly registered commercial vehicles with a gross vehicle weight of more than 3.5 tonnes and buses with more than nine seats, digital tachograph devices are mandatory as a replacement for the manual tachograph. The tachograph device is ... Continue

Driving license, B96 license

Class B driving license holders (passenger cars) want to bring a trailer with them that has a gross vehicle weight of more than 750 kg. The total mass of the combination (car and trailer) ranges between the permitted total mass of 3,500 kg to 4,250 ... Continue

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