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Enter an apprenticeship contract

As an employer that employs trainees, you must have their vocational training entered in the register of vocational training relationships. Continue

ELStAM, employee, certificate for income tax deduction

Every employer is informed electronically of the wage tax deduction features of his employees (exception: see link to hardship application). Paper certificates (income tax card, replacement certificate) are usually no longer relevant. For electronic ... Continue

Apply for or change license plates and seasonal license plates

With a seasonal license plate, the owner can decide how long the vehicle should be registered. The duration is limited from a minimum of two months to a maximum of eleven months. During the desired time, the vehicle is registered for full months, i.e ... Continue

LBV desired license plate

Declarations of commitment, stay up to 3 months

If you want to invite a foreign visitor who needs a visa to enter the country, it is usually necessary for you to submit a declaration of commitment to Hamburg Service. With this declaration, you undertake to ensure the visitor's livelihood, ... Continue

Make an appointment online, locations Hamburg Service

Apply for a restaurant permit

If you want to run a catering business that serves alcohol, you generally need a permit. Continue

Letters of commitment, stay over 3 months

The submission of a declaration of commitment to bear the maintenance costs in favor of a foreigner is one way of helping the foreigner to obtain a residence permit if the foreigner does not have sufficient funds himself. Depending on the type and ... Continue

Residence permit, transfer to a new passport

Foreigners who want to stay in Germany need a residence permit. Since September 1st, 2011, the electronic residence permit (eAT) has replaced the residence permit issued as an adhesive label: the residence permit, settlement permit and EC long-term ... Continue

Residence permit Hamburg

Residence card for highly qualified people

Issuance of an EU Blue Card for highly qualified foreigners for employment that is appropriate to their qualifications. The EU Blue Card is issued for four years if the employment contract is open-ended or has been concluded for a period of at least ... Continue

Residence permit Hamburg

Apply for an extended training period or part-time training

The extension of the training period can be applied for in the case of problems in the training, failed exams or part-time training. Continue

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