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Approval of take-back systems for used sales packaging - dual systems

Systems for taking back sales packaging must be approved by the competent Supreme Waste Management Authority. Continue

Take an intermediate examination in dual training occupations

The intermediate examination takes place about halfway through your dual training period. This serves to determine the level of knowledge and is intended to give you and the training company feedback on the transfer of knowledge to date. Continue

Take a retraining exam in dual training occupations

You complete your retraining with the retraining exam. By passing the final examination, you prove your professional ability to act in a specific profession. Continue

Granting of loans (social assistance)

A loan can be granted in individual cases to take over debts to secure accommodation or a comparable emergency (e.g. energy cost arrears). In principle, a loan can also be granted if the supply of food cannot be ensured or the items necessary to ... Continue

Apply for a community minimum share certificate

The probate court can also issue a so-called joint minimum share certificate for several heirs. Each co-heir can apply for a joint minimum share certificate. Continue

Apply for a limited joint inheritance certificate

Each co-heir can apply to the probate court for a so-called joint inheritance certificate for several heirs. This can be limited to the estate items located in Germany if parts of the estate are located abroad. Continue

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