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Renew driver's license, driver card

The driver card is issued for the digital control device for monitoring driving and rest times. Since the driver card is only issued for a limited period of 5 years, it must be re-applied for in good time. A new driver card will then be issued. Continue

Apply for a driver's license, driver card

Drivers of certain vehicles have to have their driving and rest times monitored; a driver card is required for the digital tachograph. In all newly registered commercial vehicles with a gross vehicle weight of more than 3.5 tonnes and buses with more ... Continue

Driver's license, professional driver qualification

The professional driver qualification is required for bus and truck drivers who use the C or D classes for commercial journeys on public roads. It must be acquired once as a basic qualification and then extended every five years through further ... Continue

Take the dangerous goods driver test

To transport dangerous goods by road, you must have an ADR training certificate. Continue

Driver's license, driver card, company card and workshop card replacement after theft or loss

If the driver, company or workshop card is lost or stolen, you must apply for a new card. The following applies to the driver card: A maximum of fifteen calendar days may be driven without the driver card, during this period a manual printout must be ... Continue

Suitability report - TÜV

Tests of driving skills, if necessary aptitude test after disability or driver's license withdrawal Continue

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If you need logs or firewood/firewood, we offer this for sale. Continue

Driving license, advanced seminar for novice drivers

The trial period is valid for two years after the driver's license has been issued. If the novice driver drives error-free during this time and without violating the road traffic regulations (StVO), it expires automatically. However, if the driver ... Continue

Driving and rest times in road traffic

Driving and rest times in road traffic, penalties for violations in the form of fine proceedings, company controls, information on driving and rest times, processing of notices in connection with violations regarding the driving and rest times. Continue

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