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Motor vehicle, change of insurance

The vehicle owner is obliged to ensure uninterrupted insurance coverage. This means that every change of insurance must be reported to the licensing authority (LBV). The notification is made in electronic form by the respective insurance company in ... Continue

Motor vehicle tax Hamburg

The customs administration has been responsible for vehicle taxation in Hamburg since March 14, 2014. From this point on, tax cases are processed by the responsible main customs office in Hamburg-Stadt. Questions about the taxation of a motor vehicle ... Continue

Pension taxation, general information

How are retirement pensions taxed? Annuity insurance policies in which the acquired entitlements cannot be lent against, cannot be inherited, cannot be sold, cannot be transferred and cannot be capitalized (statutory annuity insurance, professional ... Continue

ELStAM, general information on the procedure

Here you can get a rough overview of the electronic wage tax deduction features. Continue

Name declarations

Name declarations are made if, for example, after the dissolution of a marriage, naturalization or due to marriage, the surname of a 'patchwork' family changes (name at birth, previous married name, common surname). A double name from maiden name, ... Continue

Hardship aid for non-connected energy sources for private households

Starting May 2, 2023, private households that heat with oil or other energy sources that are not connected to the grid can apply for hardship aid retrospectively for 2022. The help can be requested via an online portal. Continue

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