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Tax class change after the death of the spouse or a domestic partner

If your spouse or partner dies, you will generally be assigned to tax class III in the year of death and in the following year. Continue

ELSTER (electronic tax return)

Check suitability as adoptive parents for a domestic adoption

Do you want to adopt a child from within the country? The adoption agency will then check your suitability as an applicant Continue

Digital adoption

Register as a neighborhood or household help in Hamburg

If you would like to register as a neighborhood or household help in Hamburg, you can find more information here Continue

Help hotline violence against women

The helpline provides free initial advice and information on how to help with all forms of violence against women. The help line is aimed in particular at: Women affected by violence People from the social environment of women who are affected by ... Continue

Home affairs, cost regulation

Within Hamburg The basic security and social service office in whose area the applicant last lived is responsible for applying for and approving the costs of an inpatient care facility within Hamburg. Responsibility for previous self-payers always ... Continue

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