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Project - Thief Pond

The relocation of the Hamburg-Altona long-distance and regional train station is an opportunity for the area around the current Diebsteich S-Bahn station. Here are links to the information. Continue

Surveying certificates - provision

The following certificates can be provided: Certificate according to § 1026 BGB Is a parcel or parts of the parcel encumbered with an easement or not Distance certificate Certificate of the distance between two points within the FHH. Specification ... Continue

HamburgService - Excerpts from the real estate cadastre (available online)

Project - Middle Altona

Here you will find linked information about the new Mitte Altona. Continue

Apply for benefits from the education package

With the education package, special offers can be used at school, in child day care and in leisure time. You can apply for this educational package. Continue

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