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District courts, eviction protection - rental property

If you have been sentenced to evacuate your apartment and the eviction is imminent (an eviction date has been set by the bailiff), you can apply for eviction protection no later than 2 weeks before the eviction date. Continue

Public legal advice, ÖRA

The public legal information, ÖRA, offers legal advice on all legal issues by experienced specialists for people who live in Hamburg and only have a low income. The consultations are currently only taking place in the ÖRA main office (Dammtorstraße ... Continue

housing emergencies

If you are threatened with homelessness due to rent arrears or rent disputes or if you live in a homeless shelter, we will give you help in the form of advice on how to keep your home or rent a suitable apartment. Continue

Application as an honorary administrative judge

Would you like to get involved as an honorary administrative judge? For this you have to apply and be elected. Continue

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