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Disposal of old electronic devices

Old electronic devices may only be handed in at approved collection and return points to ensure that they are recycled in an environmentally friendly and resource-saving manner. Old electronic devices must not be disposed of in the household waste bin. Continue

Radiation protection/radiation passport

The tasks include a. supervision and advice in the field of radiation protection, b. Issue of handling permits and transport permits as well as the processing of notifications in the fields of medicine, technology, trade, authorities and research: ... Continue

Special official storage of an order upon death (e.g. will)

An order on account of death, for example a will, is placed in special official custody at the local court during your lifetime. The custody data is transmitted electronically to the Central Register of Wills by the local court or notary and registered there. Continue

Apply for a sole inheritance certificate based on a will or contract of inheritance

If you are the sole heir, you often need a certificate of inheritance as proof of your inheritance rights. If you are the sole heir according to a will or contract of inheritance, you can apply for a sole inheritance certificate. Continue

Waste and Disposal - Advice on disposal of hazardous waste

The authority for the environment, climate, energy and agriculture provides information on the disposal of hazardous waste. It provides information about suitable waste disposal plants and provides information about possible disposal methods and the ... Continue

Car disposal on public areas

If a vehicle that is no longer registered or no longer roadworthy has been parked on public property, you can report this to the responsible authority. MERGEFIELD   Teaser ... Continue

Withdrawal/return of an order upon death from special official custody.

Withdrawing a disposition upon death (will or inheritance contract) from special official custody Continue

Waste and Disposal - Issuing permits for collectors, carriers, dealers and brokers of hazardous waste

(Hamburg) You must apply for a license to transport, collect, trade and broker hazardous waste for commercial purposes. Continue

Submit proof of collective disposal using the privileged procedure

Under certain conditions, you can use the privileged procedure for your collective disposal certificate. Continue

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