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Car disposal on public areas

If a vehicle that is no longer registered or no longer roadworthy has been parked on public property, you can report this to the responsible authority. MERGEFIELD   Teaser ... Continue

Waste and Disposal - Advice on disposal of hazardous waste

The authority for the environment, climate, energy and agriculture provides information on the disposal of hazardous waste. It provides information about suitable waste disposal plants and provides information about possible disposal methods and the ... Continue

Waste disposal

The registration, deregistration and re-registration can be done in writing, in person or by telephone by the property owner or the property manager. Please have your account number or customer number in front of you. If you have any further ... Continue

Disposal of old medicines

Old medicines must be disposed of in the household rubbish bin. They must not be disposed of down the toilet. Continue

Sewage disposal in Hamburg

general, overarching information Continue

Disposal of dead pets

Has your pet died? Here you will find information on how to proceed. Continue

Waste and Disposal - Ship Waste

In the Port of Hamburg, all suitable waste disposal solutions for oily residues, ship waste water, chemicals and solid waste are offered for seagoing ships, but also for inland waterways and port ships. Continue

Bulky waste disposal

What is bulky waste? Bulky waste is waste from private households that cannot be shredded by dismantling, tearing or breaking without technical effort, so that it fits into the black household waste bin. Bulky waste includes, for example: bulky ... Continue

Waste and Disposal - Waste Management

As the highest state waste authority, the waste management department of the authority for the environment, climate, energy and agriculture has to ensure safe disposal and cleanliness in Hamburg. Continue

Disposal of waste paper

Waste disposal from private households and thus also waste paper from private households is the responsibility of the respective public waste disposal authority. In Hamburg, the Hamburg city cleaning department is responsible for this as the public ... Continue

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