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Apply for approval to dismiss severely disabled people

If you want to give notice to a severely disabled person or a disabled person of equal status, you must apply for a declaration of admissibility or permission to give notice of termination before giving notice of termination. Continue

Application for approval of the intended dismissal of severely disabled people or people of equal status

Report as a job seeker

As an employee, you are legally obliged to register as a job seeker with the Employment Agency no later than 3 months before the end of your employment relationship. If you found out about the end of your employment relationship less than 3 months in ... Continue

Apply for lifting of protection against dismissal in the case of maternity leave, parental leave or care

If you want to dismiss a person with special protection against dismissal, you can apply for this protection against dismissal to be lifted under certain conditions. Continue

Apply for cancellation of the protection against dismissal

Show appointment, dismissal or changes in the area of responsibility of emissions control officers

If you have newly appointed or dismissed an emissions control officer or if there have been changes in his or her area of responsibility, you must report this to the responsible emissions control authority. Continue

Occupational safety in Hamburg

The Office for Occupational Safety has the legal mandate to monitor occupational safety in Hamburg companies and to advise and support companies in occupational health and safety. Continue

Online service: Notification of maternity leave

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