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Award of the advanced technical college entrance qualification

The advanced technical college entrance qualification consists of the school-based and the practical part. The school-based part is acquired by moving to the last year of upper secondary school, or by successfully attending a technical college or a ... Continue

Apply for professional recognition of a foreign qualification as an educator

Do you have a foreign professional qualification as an educator? In order for you to be able to work in this profession in Germany, you need professional recognition of your professional qualifications. Continue

Apply for recognition as a veterinarian with professional qualifications from the EU/EEA/Switzerland

If you are from the EU/EEA/Switzerland and have acquired a qualification as a veterinarian, you will find the relevant requirements for the recognition of your training here. Continue

Single point of contact for professional recognition, determination of equivalence for teaching qualifications

Have you acquired your teaching qualification abroad? Since August 2012, you can apply to the School and Vocational Training Authority for your qualification to be checked for equivalence with a teaching qualification acquired in Hamburg. This ... Continue

Point of single contact for professional recognition

Advice on the recognition of foreign professional and educational qualifications

Did you acquire your professional qualifications abroad and want to work in your profession in Germany? The Central Contact Point for Recognition (ZAA) advises you on the recognition of your foreign professional and educational qualifications. Continue

Professions in the trade, recognize foreign professional qualifications

There are around 200 different trades in Germany. For many trades you need a certain professional qualification if you want to become self-employed. No specific professional qualification is required for all other trades in the skilled trades. But ... Continue

Visa affairs for tourists

To apply for a tourist visa for the Federal Republic of Germany, foreigners who are still abroad should contact the German diplomatic mission in the respective country. Continue

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