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Display of devices with non-ionizing radiation

Would you like to display your equipment with non-ionizing radiation? Continue

Apply for one-time benefits

Moving, pregnancy, childbirth: If you lack the money for certain situations in your life, you can apply for one-off benefits. Continue

apply for citizenship

Disposal of old electronic devices

Old electronic devices may only be handed in at approved collection and return points to ensure that they are recycled in an environmentally friendly and resource-saving manner. Old electronic devices must not be disposed of in the household waste bin. Continue

Apply for free sale certificates for medical devices

As a manufacturer of medical devices and in-vitro diagnostics or its authorized representative, you can apply for the issuance of a free sale certificate for export purposes. Continue

Application for the issuance of a free sale certificate for medical devices

Apply for the installation of gaming machines

If you want to set up gaming machines with a chance of winning for a commercial use, you need a permit. Continue

Registration of manufacturers, their authorized representatives and importers of medical devices and/or in vitro diagnostics

If you are based in Germany and place or make available medical devices on the market in the Union, you must first notify the authorities for justice and consumer protection. Continue

Show the testing, testing, maintenance and repair of X-ray devices and stray radiation sources

If you want to inspect, try out, maintain and repair X-ray equipment or sources of interference on a commercial basis, you must notify us of this before you start working. Continue

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