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Commercial complaint

Commercial complaints are for example: Reports about a company that has not registered its trade. Complaints about a company that offers services without a commercial license (e.g. broker license according to § 34 c GewO). Reports of violations of ... Continue


With the KEHR.WIEDER campaign, together with many Hamburg cafés and bakeries, we want to encourage as many coffee-to-go fans as possible to use their own reusable cups. Continue

Drilling data information system Hamburg

The drilling data portal contains information about drilling outcrops from the entirety of which, among other things, conclusions can be drawn about the geology of the corresponding area. Continue

Drilling data portal

Waste and disposal - recycling of valuable materials

Are you looking for information on recycling and effective measures to avoid waste? Then read our flyers and websites on this topic. Continue

Geological State Office

If you would like to know something about the geology of Hamburg, you are always welcome to contact the Geological State Office. We will help you! Continue

Geotourism - Interactive Map

Soil protection and contaminated sites

Numerous plots of land are dangerous for people and the environment, which should be systematically eliminated as part of the contaminated site processing. Would you like to know more? Then follow the links below. Continue

Special official storage of an order upon death (e.g. will)

An order on account of death, for example a will, is placed in special official custody at the local court during your lifetime. The custody data is transmitted electronically to the Central Register of Wills by the local court or notary and registered there. Continue

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