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Fault and damage reports for light signal and lighting systems in Hamburg

In the event of damage or malfunctions in traffic lights or public lighting, please report directly to: Hamburger Verkehrsanlagen GmbH. Contact: Please give the exact description of the location (if possible, street and house ... Continue

Apply for loans in certain acute emergency situations

If you receive citizen benefit, you can apply for a loan from the job center in acute emergency situations if you cannot raise an amount that actually has to be covered from the standard requirement yourself and you cannot postpone the payment either. Continue

apply for citizenship

Defect reporter - Report-Michel

A street light is not working or a bench in the city park is broken? Report infrastructure damage easily via smartphone or computer using the reporting Michel. Continue

Defect reporter - Report-Michel

Motor vehicle, vehicle defects, expired insurance cover, vehicle sales

Vehicle defects If a vehicle is defective, the vehicle owner is usually requested by the police or the LBV to remedy the defects or to put the vehicle out of operation. The holder is set a deadline for this. The keeper must act within this period. ... Continue

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