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Social assistance, benefits for asylum seekers until December 31, 2022

Foreigners receive benefits who have a residence permit who have a residence permit without a work permit in Germany because of war in their home country who have a toleration whose asylum procedure has not been completed. The monthly benefits ... Continue

Social assistance, basic security in old age and in the event of permanent disability

Anyone who has reached the age of 65 is entitled to basic security benefits. This only applies to people who were born before January 1st, 1947. For people born after December 31, 1946, the age limit will be increased as follows: for those born in ... Continue

Obligation to transmit electronically, declaration for the breakdown of the trade tax base

Since the assessment period 2011, companies and certain other groups of people have been obliged to submit their annual tax returns electronically to the tax office. This also applies to declarations for the breakdown of the trade tax base. The basis ... Continue

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