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License plate, red license plate and exchange vehicle registration book

Sometimes a car that is not registered still has to be driven briefly on public roads. For such short journeys there are so-called red license plates in Germany. Red license plates are also known as dealer license plates and are usually used for test ... Continue

Waste and Disposal - Issuing permits for collectors, carriers, dealers and brokers of hazardous waste

(Hamburg) You must apply for a license to transport, collect, trade and broker hazardous waste for commercial purposes. Continue

License plate, red license plate

Red license plates are issued to reliable motor vehicle dealers or motor vehicle workshops (not self-help workshops) for a limited period. These red license plates can be used for vehicles that are not registered for test drives, test drives or transfers. Continue

Money laundering prevention

Terrorist financing is the financing of terrorist organizations from legal sources and funds obtained through criminal activities, such as money laundering. Money laundering is used to smuggle illegally earned money into the legal financial and ... Continue

Report to / to the money laundering officer

Show change of operator of a system for dealing with water-polluting substances (AwSV system).

If you take over a facility that handles water-polluting substances, you must report this change of operator to the responsible authority. Continue

Show AwSV systems, change of operator

Apply for an exemption from basic obligations and protective measures when dealing with hazardous substances commercially

If you want to deviate from the regulations in the Hazardous Substances Ordinance, you must apply for an exception from the responsible authority. Continue

Show commercial handling of animal by-products

If you want to handle animal by-products commercially, you must report this to the responsible authority. For details, click here. Continue

Apply for recognition as an expert organization for systems dealing with water-polluting substances

If you want to set up an expert organization for dealing with water-polluting substances, you must first apply for recognition from the responsible authority. Continue

Apply for shipment of animal by-products to another Member State

If you wish to commercially transport animal by-products to another EU Member State, you must apply for authorization from the competent authority. For details, click here. Continue

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