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Education package - reimbursement of costs for excursions and trips with schools and daycare centers (recipients of benefits from the basic social security agencies)

Recipients of benefits under the Social Security Code XII (social assistance, basic security) can receive these benefits as part of the education package. The actual costs for one-day trips to schools and day-care centers as well as day-care and ... Continue

Day care for children (Kita), change in current case

Since 1.8.2013 there has been a legal right to care in a day care center. The entitlement exists for up to 5 hours a day with lunch. In addition, there is a legal right to care for up to 12 hours a day in Hamburg under certain conditions. A daycare ... Continue

Daycare voucher

Day care, fees

The fees for child day care are also called the family contribution or participation fee. They depend on the net family income and the size of the family as well as the benefit used. The fee tables, the Kita fee calculator and the application to ... Continue

Day care and child day care, contribution calculator

Daycare information system (find a daycare center)

The online service "Kita-Suche" allows you to search for day-care centers in selectable districts and districts of Hamburg and based on the desired service offered. Part of the daycare information system. Continue

Daycare search

Dental examinations in day care centers

The dental service offers a free medical check-up for children between 3 and 6 years of age, usually free of charge, in day-care centers. Both the teeth and the position of the teeth are checked. In this way, the children can get used to the dental ... Continue

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