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Submission dates

This is an appointment for opening and reading out submitted offers as part of the tendering process. The appointment will be carried out immediately after the offer period has expired by at least 2 representatives of the client. The offers received ... Continue

Viewing a birth Receiving facilities

Was a child born in your facility? You must then report this to the competent registry office. Continue

Digital Birth Announcement by Institutions

Printout from the birth register

A certified printout from the birth register (previously the birth register) shows all the data that the registry office has entered in connection with the birth. You will receive the certificate, including any marginal notes, either as a new ... Continue

Request for a certificate

Keeping of horses, cattle, pigs, sheep and goats Report key date notification to animal disease fund

If you keep cattle, pigs, sheep, goats or horses, you must report your livestock to the Tierseuchenkasse Hamburg immediately. In the future, the current number of animals will be surveyed annually by the animal disease fund on the key date of March 1st. Continue

Elections, general

The election offices are your contact points for elections in your district. Continue

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