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Keeping dangerous animals, permit

The private keeping of dangerous animals requires approval in accordance with the regulations of the Hamburg Dangerous Animal Act. The animals that require a permit include various scorpions and spider species, armored lizards, lizards, giant and ... Continue

Dog ownership, registration of dangerous dogs

Keeping dangerous dogs is strictly forbidden. If you want to keep a dangerous dog, you need the permission of the competent authority. Continue

Take the dangerous goods driver test

To transport dangerous goods by road, you must have an ADR training certificate. Continue

Take the dangerous goods officer test

In order to be able to be appointed and work as a dangerous goods officer, you must have proof of training. The training certificate will be issued to you by the IHK after you have attended a training course and passed an examination. Continue

Recognition of training organizers for dangerous goods officers

If you would like to carry out training for dangerous goods officers, you must be recognized as a training organizer by the locally responsible Chamber of Industry and Commerce. Continue

Disposal of hazardous waste outside of the northern German region, special permit

Do you need an exemption for the disposal of hazardous waste? Continue

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