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Point of single contact for professional recognition, teacher for dance and dance gymnastics

The professional recognition of the Hamburg Institute for Vocational Training (HIBB) is a professional recognition body for professions regulated by state law in Hamburg and is responsible for the recognition of foreign professional qualifications ... Continue

Point of single contact for professional recognition

Exhibition of people, permission

Anyone who organizes exhibitions of people in their business premises on a commercial basis or wants to make their business premises available for their event requires the approval of the competent authority. Continue

Social assistance payment of funeral expenses

If you do not have the financial means to bear the costs of burying a deceased person in your family, you can apply for reimbursement of the costs. Continue

Apply for benefits for participation in working life in accordance with SGB IX

Disabled people should, if possible, have the same opportunities as non-disabled people in training and work. Continue

Apply for a limited communal partial inheritance certificate

The probate court can also issue a so-called joint partial inheritance certificate for several heirs. Any co-heir can apply for a joint partial inheritance certificate. This can be limited if parts of the estate are located abroad. Continue

Register for admission to the music school

The State Youth Music School Hamburg offers lessons for all children and young people from six months to 25 years. Low-income families have the opportunity to reduce the tuition fee up to a full discount. Continue

Make a note of lessons at the youth music school

Apply for assistance to determine maintenance claims

If the other parent does not pay maintenance, you can get support from the guardianship and have the maintenance obligation certified. The maintenance advance money office can help you directly financially and provide an advance or replacement of maintenance. Continue

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