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License plate, replacement and re-stamping in the event of damage

License plates that have been damaged or have become illegible must be replaced. This also applies to damaged badges. License plates that are deformed, for example, can also be replaced. The license plate on the front bears the approval badge with ... Continue

Payment of care allowance for war victims

The amount of the nursing allowance depends on the extent of the necessary nursing care due to the damage. It is divided into six levels: Level I: 360.00 euros Level II: 615.00 euros Level III: 877.00 euros Stage IV: 1,125.00 euros Stage V: 1 ... Continue

License plate, replacement due to loss or theft

License plates must be replaced as soon as possible. Your vehicle will then be given a new combination of license plates to prevent misuse. The former license plate will also be advertised for search and blocked for ten years. Damaged license plates ... Continue

LBV desired license plate

Vehicle registration certificate or registration certificate Part I, replacement in the event of damage, theft or loss

In the event of damage, theft or loss of the registration certificate Part I (vehicle registration), a new replacement document can be issued by the Landesbetrieb Verkehr (LBV). If you want to sell your vehicle and the registration certificate part I ... Continue

LBV desired license plate

Traffic signs, implementation of construction and dismantling

The public space management departments of the district offices are responsible for the construction, dismantling and maintenance of traffic signs / street signs. Continue

Payment of death benefits for war victims

You can apply for a death benefit if a relative of a war victim has died. Continue

Apply for a funeral allowance for war victims

You can apply for a funeral benefit if a relative of a war victim has died. Continue

War Victims Welfare Grant for surviving dependents

If you are granted care as a surviving dependent under the Federal Welfare Act or in accordance with this law, you can receive additional welfare benefits as special assistance in individual cases. Continue

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