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Passport, first or new issue

All persons with German citizenship who have their main residence in Hamburg can apply for a passport in Hamburg. The consent of all custodians is required up to the age of 18. Since November 1, 2007, only biometric passports with...

  • All persons with German citizenship who have their main residence in Hamburg can apply for a passport in Hamburg.
  • The consent of all custodians is required up to the age of 18.
  • Since November 1, 2007, only biometric passports with fingerprints have been issued. All previous passports remain valid. An extension is not possible. Your expired passports (including temporary ones) will be confiscated or given invalidated.
  • For people over 24 years of age, the passport is valid for 10 years. It is valid for 6 years for people under the age of 24.

Due to the applicable contact restrictions and distance rules, customer service is currently only possible under special conditions. It is therefore mandatory to make an appointment for a visit to the customer center.
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Address and contact information


Customer center in the middle
Caffamacherreihe 1-3 20355 Hamburg

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Opening hours

Mon-Fri 7am-7pm, Sat 9am-4pm. Booking an appointment in advance is also strongly recommended for these times. Appointments are activated on the Monday before the respective Saturday.

Facility info

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Posthaus Mailbox
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Hausbriefkasten befindet sich vor den Eingängen auf der Vorder- und Rückseite.

Es ist nur eine ganz geringe Anzahl an Parkplätzen vorhanden ! You can take the required photo beforehand on a self-capture terminal (Speed Capture Terminal).
Cost: 6 euros.
Please speak to the case processing department afterwards.
Please allow some time for the entry of your data in advance of your appointment if you would like to use the self-entry terminal.

Public transport

U2/Busse X3/19 Gänsemarkt/Busse X35 Johannes-Brahms-Platz/Bus 3 Axel-Springer-Platz/S Stadthausbrücke

Important notes


  • German citizenship according to Article 116 of the Basic Law
  • Personal interview when submitting the application (also applies to minors).
  • The minor and at least one custodian must appear in person. If a legal guardian does not appear in person, his / her written consent with signature and the original identity card / passport are required.
  • Registered in Hamburg with an apartment. If you are registered in Hamburg with a second residence, the approval of the identification authority at the place of your main residence is required for the issuance of the identification document; this is obtained from the customer center.

Documents required

  • BASIC: 1 biometrically readable recent passport photo (35x45 mm without border, background light and monochrome. Sample - see link Federal Ministry of the Interior).
  • Of legal age: federal identity card, in the case of a new issue: old passport
  • Minors: Birth certificate, children's passport (if available), personal visit of the child with at least one legal guardian/representative. In the case of permanently separated parents, only the parent with whom the child is registered may apply for the passport. Declaration of consent and identity cards or passports of the legal guardians, proof of sole custody.
  • Expiration: Old passport.
  • Loss: federal identity card. If not available: birth or marriage certificate.
  • Theft: see loss, additionally: Theft of the passport must be reported to the police and the theft report issued there must be presented.
  • Change: Old passport, proof of change (e.g. certificates).
  • After naturalization: naturalization certificate, old passport or identity card, birth and/or marriage certificate.

Please note

  • Extension or change not possible! A new passport will ALWAYS be issued.
  • The passport can also be picked up by an authorized person.
  • The loss of a passport can be reported to any customer center in Hamburg without an appointment.
  • People without a permanent address should contact the residents' central office (see passport for non - Hamburg residents).



Procedure & Fees


Personal application required. The application will be forwarded to Bundesdruckerei for further processing.

Processing time

Application takes about 15 minutes. Processing 4-6 weeks.


Up to the age of 24, EUR 37.50 (valid for 6 years), later EUR 60 (valid for 10 years).

Payment methods available

  • Girocard
  • Cash payment

Legal notes

Legal basis

Section 6 (1) Passport Act (PassG), Sections 1 and 15 Passport Ordinance (PassV)

Public Service Disclaimer

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