Housing allowance reclaim

Under certain circumstances, housing benefit notifications can be revoked or become ineffective.

Important notes


If one of the following events has occurred in your case, the housing benefit office can claim back the overpaid housing benefit from you:

  • Relocation of all household members
  • Housing benefit is not used to pay the rent or to cover the burden
  • Applying for or receiving transfer payments (e.g. basic security, unemployment benefit II / citizen’s benefit)
  • Death of the housing benefit recipient.

Documents required

The necessary documents may be requested from the housing benefit office.

Please note

In order to avoid or uncover the illegal claiming of housing benefit, the housing benefit authority may regularly check the household members by means of a so-called data comparison.


Changes must be communicated immediately.

Procedure & Fees


You are obliged to notify changes immediately.
The housing benefit authority decides on the reclaim of your housing benefit.
A hearing is held before a repayment is requested ex officio. They will be informed of the intended decision. You will also be given the reasons. You will be notified of the refund.

Processing time

The processing time depends, among other things, on the completeness of the information and the submission of the evidence required for processing.



Legal notes

Legal remedies


Legal basis

§ 28 WoGG invalidity due to relocation or if housing benefit is not used to pay the rent or burden or

a household member applies for or receives transfer payments

§ 30 WoGG remittance and reimbursement in the event of death

§ 45 SGB X Withdrawal of an unlawful beneficial administrative act

50 SGB X Reimbursement of wrongly rendered services

Service description

If you receive housing benefit, you are obliged to report changes to your living and income situation immediately.
If your housing benefit notification has become invalid or has been revoked and housing benefit was (continued to) be paid, you must reimburse the housing benefit paid to you under certain conditions.

Public Service Disclaimer

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