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Customer Center Blankenese

Residence, change of registration (within Hamburg)

If you move within Hamburg, you have to change your registration. It is not necessary to deregister the previous address.

Due to the applicable contact restrictions and distance rules, customer service is currently only possible under special conditions. There is therefore an obligation to make an appointment for a visit to the customer center .
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Customer Center Blankenese
District Office Altona
Specialist Office for Residents
Sülldorfer Kirchenweg 2a 22587 Hamburg

Room: EG

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Public transport

S1/S11/Busse 1/22/112/189/286/388/488/588 Blankenese

Important notes


  • Apartment was moved into.
  • Registration only by appearing in person or by an authorized person of legal age.

Documents required

  • Confirmation of the home owner - absolutely necessary! - filled and signed
  • Documents of all people moving:
    - Identity card (passport, if no identity card is available)
    - Children (up to their 18th birthday): if available, ID and / or passport, otherwise birth certificate; personal presence is not required.
  • Unmarried and shared apartments:
    - Presentation of the identity cards of all persons as well as additional written authorizations of the persons not present
  • If a vehicle is available:
    - Part 1 of the registration certificate (formerly a vehicle registration document) for a change of address.
    Important! Only possible for private vehicles that already have a Hamburg license plate and are registered in Hamburg. In the case of a name change or if it is an (old) one-piece vehicle registration document, as well as in all other cases, the Landesbetrieb Verkehr is responsible (see link).
  • Holders of an electronic residence permit (eAT)
    - the residence permit

Please note

  • A re-registration of minors (up to the age of 16) without both legal guardians must always be clarified in advance by telephone with the resident customer center.
    If a minor resident who has previously lived with both parents in a main residence is transferred to a new main residence by one of the parents, the consent of the other parent, a written agreement between the parents on the child's center of life or a family court decision on the transfer of the the sole right of residence determination must be presented. The same applies if the minor resident's sole or main residence is to be re-registered from the home of one parent to the home of the other parent.
  • From the age of 16 you can register without the consent of the guardian.
  • Holders of an electronic residence permit (eAT) must also have the address on the residence permit changed.
  • If you own a car, the address on the registration certificate Part I (formerly a vehicle registration document) must also be changed (see -Documents-).
  • A dog must be re-registered at the consumer protection office.
  • When moving within the house, a change of registration is also required.

ATTENTION: Since the Federal Registration Act of November 1, 2015, the submission of a confirmation of the accommodation provider has been mandatory.


Legal reporting deadline: within two weeks after moving in.

Procedure & Fees

Processing time

approx. 12 minutes


EUR 12 per adult or person under the age of 18 who auditions alone. EUR 12 per family (parents including minor children with the same relocation dates). 12 EUR a married couple (without children with the same relocation dates). Change of vehicle registration certificate 11.40 EUR.

Payment methods available

  • Girocard
  • Cash payment

Legal notes

Legal basis

Section 1, Paragraph 1 of the General Registration Act (MRRG), Section 11 of the MRRG

Public Service Disclaimer

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