Residence, deregistration of secondary residence

If you move out of a secondary home and do not move into another home in Germany, you must deregister for this home.

Important notes



Documents required

  • Personally:
    • Deregistration form (also on site)
    • Identification documents of all persons to be deregistered
  • In written form:
    • unsubscribe form
    • Copy of identity card or passport

Please note

  • ATTENTION: You can deregister at the earliest 7 days before you actually move out.
  • The cancellation can be made in person or informally in writing.
  • The data required for the written cancellation can be found on the cancellation form.
  • The transmission of the cancellation by e-mail is not legally effective, so we ask that you send the cancellation by post.
  • You can be represented by an authorized person. The identity cards of the person to be deregistered and the authorized person must be presented in the original.

De-registration of an external subsidiary/second home:
  • If Hamburg is to become or already is your main residence or sole place of residence, you must deregister the second home in one of Hamburg's residents' customer centers in writing or in person.
De-registration of a secondary residence in Hamburg:
  • If a secondary residence in Hamburg is to be deregistered, this must be done with the main municipality of residence. The Hamburg Residents' Customer Centers accept cancellations, but can only forward them.
  • Former residents can be PERSONALLY de-registered by the landlord in any Hamburg resident customer center. Further information can be obtained by telephone from the respective resident customer service center.
  • If you give up the secondary residence or re-register it within Hamburg, please note the service for the secondary residence tax (see under Links).


  • Statutory registration deadline: within two weeks of moving out.

  • Cancellation is possible no earlier than 7 days before moving out.

The actual move-out date is entered in the register of residents.

Procedure & Fees


To unsubscribe, go to a Hamburg customer center in person (or the authorized representative).
Upon presentation of the ID/passport, the deregistration will be carried out within a few minutes.

This service is currently only offered in writing. Please contact your customer center via email.

Processing time

about 5 minutes



Legal notes

Legal basis

Federal Registration Act (BMG)

  • Sections 17 (2), 21 (4), 24 (1) BMG

  • Number 17.2 and 21.4 General administrative regulation for the implementation of the Federal Registration Act (BMG)

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