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The environmental partnership is the institution for the promotion of voluntary corporate environmental protection in Hamburg. If you are interested, please read on...

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The Hamburg Environment Partnership

The Environment Partnership is the institution for the promotion of voluntary corporate environmental protection in Hamburg.

It is an innovation driver for environmentally friendly technology and at the same time a central platform for the environmental exchange between business, politics and administration. We support the close dialogue between all parties involved and thus create more transparency for official decisions on environmental issues.

The sponsors of the environmental partnership are the Hamburg Senate, the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, the Hamburg Chamber of Crafts, the Hamburg Industry Association and the Hamburg Port Enterprise Association.

In 2013, Hamburg's economy and the Senate agreed to continue the environmental partnership for a further five years. The Environmental Partnership will continue to offer Hamburg companies competent support and attractive offers to improve their environmental performance in the future.

In the meantime, around 1,000 companies have become Hamburg's environmental partners through voluntary services, and more than 4,000 environmentally committed companies have already made use of our offers in the form of advice and funding for investment projects or other projects.

Environment and resource conservation: Funding opportunities for Hamburg companies

Resource protection in the company

Resource protection company promotes technologies that conserve energy and resources in a consistent and result-oriented manner. Regardless of the size of the company and the industry, the allocation of funding for efficient technologies is primarily based on the result: How much CO2 is avoided, what amount of water is saved, how much is the consumption of raw materials restricted? Techniques are used that usually go beyond the existing standards and thus achieve optimal energy and resource efficiency. One thing is especially important: a noticeable, maximum possible relief of the climate and the environment.

Hamburg climate protection programs

Energetic building renovation (since 2012: program for non-residential buildings), use of renewable energies (biomass, thermal solar use) and innovations can be promoted through corresponding programs.

Environmental management systems

Environmental management systems continuously improve operational environmental protection on a voluntary and autonomous basis. ÖKOPROFIT and QuB are primarily aimed at small and medium-sized companies. Energy management helps save energy.

  • ÖKOPROFIT: Within a year, existing potential for environmental relief in the companies is determined with external support, and measures are developed and implemented. The combination of topic-related workshops, individual company advice and comprehensive, easy-to-use work materials is successful.
  • QuB : QuB helps companies conserve resources, reduce operating costs and relieve the climate and the environment. The funding program offers practice-oriented training and advice on quality management as well as environmental and occupational safety and supports small and medium-sized companies with the introduction of the QuB environmental and quality management system.
  • EMAS : Large companies with high expectations of their own environmental management and public perception should strive for a Europe-wide recognized EMAS certificate. The first environmental review, regular environmental statements and recurring inspections prove your company's environmental commitment. Independent, state-approved environmental verifiers assess the efforts of the EMAS participants.
  • ISO 14001 : Environmental management according to ISO 14001 is suitable for large, global companies. The standards according to ISO norms are demanding and internationally recognized. Companies certified according to ISO 14001 secure global market access.

Environmentally friendly product development

Funding for an ecological cycle view and optimization of products.

Chamber of Commerce energy guides

Individual and free on-site advice for companies on energy efficiency and subsidies.

ZEWUmobil of the Chamber of Crafts

Individual and free on-site advice for craft businesses on energy efficiency and subsidies.


Individual and free advice on energy efficiency in construction, thermal insulation and subsidies.

Solar center

Individual and free advice on thermal solar use, photovoltaics and the use of bioenergy as well as subsidies.

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