Tax identification number, data change and confirmation (customer centers)

With the introduction of the tax identification number (IdNr), the Federal Ministry of Finance and the Federal Government want to simplify the taxation process and reduce bureaucracy. The IdNr replaces the tax number for income tax.

Important notes


Lives in Hamburg.

Documents required

For the written confirmation of the tax identification number:

  • If you apply in person, please bring your ID / passport with you.

For changing personal data / correcting errors:

  • Facts clarifying documents must be submitted such as B. Identity card, passport, children's passport, birth, marriage, divorce certificates, certificate of name change.
  • All documents must be submitted in the original.

Please note

  • The Federal Central Tax Office (BZSt) is solely responsible for issuing/assigning a tax identification number (tax ID).
  • You can usually find your tax identification number on your most recent income tax assessment notice or wage tax statement. Your current employer also has the identification number for wage tax deduction.
  • The tax office also provides information (no assignment!) on the tax identification number.



Procedure & Fees


A personal visit/telephone inquiry to Hamburg Service is only required in the event of errors/deviations in the stored personal data.

Due to contact restrictions and distance rules, this service is currently only offered in writing. Please contact your Hamburg service via e-mail.


There are no fees.

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