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Social assistance for homeless single adults with no district reference


Detailed description

Responsible for single homeless people who have never been registered in Hamburg and for those seeking help who have deregistered from Hamburg and who are returning after more than 2 years' stay outside Hamburg.

First interview with the job center / work team in Hamburg.

The district social welfare offices of the last registered address are responsible for all others. For married couples and (partial) families: social welfare offices in the districts. If the contact person cannot be reached, please dial the phone numbers 040 42854-3753 or 040 42854-3765 or send your letter to the following email address:




  • People from 65 years of age and for permanently fully disabled people from the age of 18 (earning capacity less than 3 hours a day) and
  • single and homeless and never registered in Hamburg or
  • deregistered from Hamburg and returned after staying outside Hamburg for more than 2 years

Documents required

ID card or passport.

Please note

The entrance is on Kleine Reichenstrasse 2.

The contact point for homeless EU citizens / Plata is at Rosenallee 11, 20097 Hamburg (Tel. 040 280043-11).

For information on the winter emergency program , see links.

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Last updated: 12.07.2024