Special uses in green spaces, events

The use of public green and recreational facilities beyond common use is an exception to the prohibitions for the protection of green and recreational facilities and requires a special use permit. This includes events in green and recreational areas.

Important notes


A special use permit can only be granted if
- Recreation seekers are not unreasonably impaired
- there is compatibility with the local conditions (upcoming construction and maintenance measures, area characteristics, garden monument protection, concerns of disabled people and neighboring neighborhoods, etc.).
- Do not conflict with the protection requirements of the Federal Nature Conservation Act
- the use does not have a negative effect on the respective green and recreational area

There is no entitlement to a special use permit.

Documents required

Applications can be submitted informally

Procedure & Fees

Processing time

At least 6 weeks. 6 months for major events


Varies depending on the type of use, minimum fee EUR 53.60.

Legal notes

Legal basis

§ 4 Law on Green and Recreational Facilities according to the Fee Regulations for the Management and Use of Public Roads, Green and Recreational Facilities of 6 December 1994

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