Apply for special use

You can also use public roads for other purposes than just traffic. A special use permit is usually required for this.

Important notes


You want to use a public road for something other than usual traffic.

Documents required

  • Main application: Informal or by form
  • Evidence (optional, depending on the type of special use): true-to-scale site plan, photos / drawings of the location, construction site facility plan, traffic sign plan, diversion plan
  • Note: In principle, no generally applicable documents are required.

Please note

There are the following hints:

  • If a road traffic permit is required for an event, this includes the special use permit.
  • You must also apply for a permit to use the airspace above the street (e.g. for advertising structures or vending machines).
  • When working on the road, approval from the responsible road construction authority is also required.


  • Deadline Type: Application Deadline

    Note: There is no time limit. A lead time must be planned.

  • Deadline type: Period of validity

    Comment: Limited in time, or subject to revocation.

  • Deadline Type: Objection Deadline

    Note: The statutory objection period applies.

Procedure & Fees


You can submit the application in writing using a form or informally to the competent authority. You can obtain the application form from the competent authority or, depending on the offer, it can be downloaded from the Internet:

  • You submit an application and describe as precisely as possible the type, location, extent and duration of the planned special use. Also mention the impact on the road.
  • If you plan to work on the road, you must obtain approval from the responsible road construction authority.
  • The responsible body examines the effects of the special use on the otherwise usual use of the road.
  • After the examination, you will receive a notification of approval or rejection.
  • The competent authority limits the approval in terms of time or grants it revocably.
  • It can provide the approval with conditions and requirements that are checked.

Processing time

A specific processing time cannot be given and varies depending on the type of special use


  • Cost type: variable

  • Dependency on the level of costs: The level of costs varies depending on the type and scope of the special use. The amount of the costs depends on the respective fee schedule.

Legal notes

Legal remedies

Usual legal remedies apply. Among other things, an appeal can be lodged against the decision. If disagreement persists, a complaint can be filed with the administrative court.

Legal basis

Section 8 of the Federal Trunk Roads Act (FstrG)

§46 Road Traffic Regulations (StVO)

Section 19 of the Hamburg Roads Act (HWG)

Service description

Anyone can use the public roads within the scope of their dedication and traffic regulations. If you want to use public roads beyond that, i.e. for something other than traffic, a special use permit is usually required. Public roads also include sidewalks and parking lots. Examples of a requirement for a special use permit can be: selling all kinds of goods, setting up tables and chairs for outdoor catering, setting up scaffolding and containers, events and street festivals and filming.

Public Service Disclaimer

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