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Police station 43
Wentorfer Straße 13 21029 Hamburg

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The mail message is only read during normal office hours. In urgent cases, dial the police emergency number: 110

Branch office (s) / police post:
Curslack-Neuengamme police station
Curslacker dike 165a
21039 Hamburg

Altengamme police station
Gammer Weg 30
21039 Hamburg

Police station Kirchwerder-Varwisch
Durchdeich 155a
21037 Hamburg

Ochsenwerder-Moorfleet police station
Gauerter Main Dike 73
21037 Hamburg

Zollenspieker police station
On the Sülzbrack 4
21037 Hamburg

Police branch Allermöhe
Walter-Rudolphi-Weg 32
21035 Hamburg

Police post in Billwerder-Allermöhe
via the Allermöhe police field office

Please note that the branch office or the police station is not open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
You can find out how to reach us from the responsible police station.
The police cars are generally used from the police station.

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Benutzen Sie für Fahrten mit dem HVV den automatischen Fahrplanlink zu GEOFOX (siehe unten).

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