Mother counseling

Important notes

Documents required

Preventive care booklet, child's vaccination book (if available).

Please note

The employees of the mother advice centers advise parents of infants and toddlers in consultation hours, during house calls, on the phone, in courses and in individual counseling.

Advice is provided, for example, on questions about care and nutrition and the development of the child. You can get advice on all topics related to child health, e.g. nutrition, development and care, rickets and caries prophylaxis, all aspects of breastfeeding, and much more. There is the possibility of weighing and measuring the baby, and often also for a medical examination. If necessary, further help can be provided.

Every family with a newborn is written to and invited to the local mothers' counseling service. Every family has the opportunity to receive a home visit for a consultation. The office hours can be attended without prior notification. You are also welcome to arrange an individual appointment or a home visit for a consultation by phone or email.

Procedure & Fees

Processing time

No processing time



Legal notes

Legal basis

Section 8 (2) HmbGDG (Hamburg Health Services Act).

HmbMDÜV § 4 also applies to the cover letters from the mother counseling service

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