Day care for children (Kita), proof of income for new applications and subsequent applications

If, according to your own assessment, the maximum rate is payable, no information on income is required. (Please state on the questionnaire on the economic situation - see link)

Important notes

Documents required

The following proof of income must be submitted in addition to the other documents:

In the case of dependent employment:

  • The last current earnings statement or, in the case of strongly fluctuating income, the year-end statement of the previous year
  • Special payments such as Christmas and / or vacation pay (if necessary, statements from the previous year)

If you are self-employed:

  • Prima facie evidence for the self-employed (see link)
  • Possibly the last tax assessment (a final calculation will only be made after submission of the tax assessment applicable for the care period)
  • Deduction amounts (see below)

For transfer payments:

  • Proof of benefits from the employment agency (unemployment benefit I) or
  • Proof of unemployment benefit II or basic security or
  • Proof of housing benefit and / or
  • Proof of other income (e.g. parental allowance)

Additionally for separated persons:

  • Proof of maintenance payments

In addition, so-called deduction amounts can be specified!
(Except in the case of self-employed persons, these do not need to be documented, provided the information in the questionnaire on the economic situation is credible.)

The following deduction amounts can be specified:

  • Health insurance contributions (only for self-employed, civil servants and employees who are not subject to health insurance)
  • Life insurance contributions (only for self-employed and employees who are not subject to pension insurance)
  • Contributions to household contents and / or liability insurance
  • Contributions to professional associations and unions
  • Contributions to private retirement provision

Please note

In correspondence, please always state the following:
  • child's surname
  • First name of the child
  • child's date of birth
  • Complete registration address of the child

Procedure & Fees



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