Children's passport, extension

The children's passport can be extended by one year up to the age of twelve if it has not yet expired. In this context, it must be provided with an up-to-date photo.

Important notes


  • The children's passport has not yet expired.
  • Child under 12 years of age with German citizenship.
  • Personal interview with the child with at least one legal guardian / legal representative. In the case of parents who are permanently separated, only the parent with whom the child is registered may apply for the passport.
  • The child is registered with their main residence in Hamburg.

Documents required

Your child must be present at the appointment.

All required documents must always be submitted in the original or as a certified copy.
  • if available, passport, children's passport or identity card of the child
  • when applying for the first time or if the old child’s passport is lost/stolen:
    • birth certificate or
    • Excerpt from the register of births at the registry office
  • Biometric passport photo: The photo is mandatory
    • be up to date and
    • meet photo requirements for e-passports.
    • In exceptional cases, for example in the case of a permanent medical indication, deviations from this may be permissible.
    • Additional exceptions are permitted for infants and young children.
In addition, you must provide the following:
  • In the case of joint custody of cohabiting parents
    • ID of the present legal guardians
    • if there is a custody order
    • Declaration of consent with a copy of the identity card of the parent who is not present if only one parent is present with the child
    • If the parents are not married, a declaration of custody from the Office for Youth and Family Welfare must be submitted in the event of clarification.
  • If parents (married, divorced, unmarried) who have joint parental responsibility are not just temporarily separated, only the parent with whom the unmarried minor child is registered as the sole or main residence may apply for the passport.
  • If there is only one legal guardian:
    • ID of the guardian present

Please note

Your child must be present in person at the appointment.

ATTENTION - The children's passport is not recognized in every country. A permanent passport must then be applied for.
Please find out about the respective entry requirements from the tour operator, travel agency, foreign office or the destination country. USA travelers - see link Federal Foreign Office.


The extension must take place before the expiry date.

Procedure & Fees


The child must be present in person when the child's passport is extended. The application is processed immediately and then handed over.

Processing time

about 15 minutes



Legal notes

Legal basis

  • Section 5 Passport Act (PassG)

  • Ordinance on the implementation of the Passport Act (PassV)

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