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Motor vehicle accident damage, FHH company vehicles

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  • Vehicle claims settlement of all authorities (including police and fire brigade), district offices and state companies - Ms. Falk (Tel. +49 40 42823-1466), Ms. Kröncke (Tel. +49 40 42823-1885), Ms. Pickuth (Tel. +49 40 42823-1632), Mr. Zirkel (Tel. +49 40 42823-1818)
  • Vehicle claims settlement of all insured commercial companies as well as institutions and corporations under public law (including Stadtreinigung Hamburg, WERT, HEG, UKE, Hamburg Wasser, Hamburger Stadtentwässerung, Hamburg Energie, Bäderland Hamburg, Elbe workshops, HPA, CTD) - Ms. Busch (Tel. +49 40 42823-1898), Ms. Erdmann (Tel. +49 40 42823-2644), Ms. Jung (Tel. +49 40 42823-1501), Mr. Langmann (Tel. +49 40 42823-2257)
  • Alternatively, the central number +49 40 42823-1464 can be called

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Tax authority
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