Vehicle license or registration certificate Part I, change of address in the residents' customer center

If you move or move, you must have the address on the vehicle registration document or registration certificate part 1 changed.

Important notes

Documents required

  • Registration certificate part 1 ( only possible for private vehicles that are already registered in Hamburg - regardless of license plate number)
  • ID card or passport

If you change your name or if it is an (old) one-piece vehicle registration document, please contact the Landesbetrieb Verkehr.

Please note

  • The change of address on the registration certificate part I is possible in the Hamburg Service within 14 days of the day of the change of registration.
  • In the Hamburg Service on site - locations for residents' affairs, the address change is only made on the registration certificate part 1(see also link -Change of residence-).
  • If you have an old vehicle registration document (issued before September 30, 2005), the State Transport Authority is responsible (see link). There, the old vehicle registration document will be exchanged for a registration certificate part 1.
  • If your name changes or if you have an (old) one-part vehicle registration document, please contact the State Transport Authority.

Procedure & Fees


11.40 EUR (change of address, registration certificate part 1)

Legal notes

Legal basis

Service description

When registering and re-registering the place of residence, an address change must also be made on the vehicle registration document or the registration certificate part 1.

You can choose between all customer centers - regardless of where you live .

We recommend that you make an appointment in advance for many of the services offered by the customer centers. No appointments are made for this service, it is only carried out as part of a change of registration that requires an appointment.

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