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Landesbetrieb Verkehr Mitte

Vehicle registration, re-registration of a decommissioned vehicle, private individuals, stolen vehicle

Motor vehicles and their trailers require a license to participate in public road traffic. The approval (allocation of an official registration number and issuing of the approval documents) is carried out in Hamburg by the Landesbetrieb...

Motor vehicles and their trailers require a license to participate in public road traffic.

The approval (allocation of an official registration number and issuing of the approval documents) is carried out in Hamburg by the Landesbetrieb Verkehr.

The vehicle was previously registered in Hamburg and should now be registered again for the same owner (if the owner changes, see vehicle registration).

The vehicle was found again after a theft.

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Landesbetrieb Verkehr Mitte
Ausschläger Weg 100 20537 Hamburg

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Bitte nutzen Sie die Einfahrt Höhe Süderstraße 142. Schilderpräger finden Sie vor Ort. Ein Gerät zur Aufnahme biometrischer Bilder für den Führerschein ist vorhanden. QR-Code´s der Terminbestätigungen können eingescannt werden, sofern das Display Ihres mobilen Endgeräts keine Risse oder sonstige Beschädigungen aufweist.

Public transport

Busse 25/112/120/122/124/154/160/224 Ausschläger Weg (Verkehrsamt)

Important notes


  • The main residence under registration law is Hamburg.
  • The operating license is evidenced by the registration certificate Part II (vehicle registration document).
  • Re-registration to the same owner

Documents required

  • Original valid identity card or passport with current registration certificate,
  • electronic confirmation of insurance -eVB number- (available from motor vehicle insurance),
  • Registration certificate part II (vehicle registration document),
  • Registration certificate Part I (vehicle registration) with a note about the decommissioning
  • Valid test certificate of the last general inspection (TÜV), if an inspection was already required for the first time, as well as, if applicable, proof of the safety inspection and emissions test carried out
  • an original SEPA combined mandate for collecting vehicle tax by direct debit (for more information, see LBV, SEPA mandate for vehicle tax under Links)
    If the tax is not to be paid by the keeper himself, but by a so-called third party willing to pay, a copy of the ID of the third party willing to pay is required.
  • Clearance confirmation from the police that the vehicle is no longer in the investigation
  • Appointment confirmation
if an authorized representative makes the application for you:
  • a legibly completed power of attorney in the original with a legible color copy of the vehicle owner's ID. Note: The color copy is to be provided with the note "COPY".
  • the ID of the representative in the original

Please note

An appointment is required for the registration of vehicles.
If the keeper and owner of the vehicle are not identical (as is the case with leasing vehicles, for example), the LBV must be informed of whom the vehicle is to be registered for.

Appointment booking

1. Visit the website to book an appointment (see link below) and select the service for registration of a de-registered used vehicle under the service group registration, private customers.
2. Use location selection to display appointments at a specific location
3. Use the date picker to find the next available date regardless of your location
4. Select a free appointment (date and time) in the calendar displayed
5. Enter your name and email address for the booking.

You will then receive a confirmation of the appointment. Please bring this with you to the appointment.


A vehicle registration must be made immediately.

Procedure & Fees


11.90 - 50.00 EUR according to the fee schedule for measures in road traffic. The exact amount of the fee can only be determined on site by submitting the complete documents.

Payment methods available

  • Girocard
  • Cash payment

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