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Medical care is only granted to officers of the police and fire brigade who are actively employed.

Documents required

Medical care application - police and fire brigade (see "Links" section)

Please note

General information on medical care:
  • The curative care is not a statutory health insurance, but falls under the other cost bearers and is equivalent to a substitute insurance.
  • Persons entitled to medical welfare are not private patients.
  • Persons entitled to medical welfare have a free choice of doctor (doctors with statutory health insurance).
  • Medical care is granted as a benefit in kind. For this purpose, beneficiaries receive an insurance card.
  • Persons entitled to medical welfare are exempt from all additional payments provided for by the legally insured. Medicines, physiotherapy, aids, hospital stays, cures, etc. are free of charge (except for agreements on additional costs).
  • Medical care is not subject to budgeting. The only decisive factor is the medical necessity.
  • Medical care is not a family insurance.
  • There is no insurance cover abroad (we recommend that you take out health insurance abroad).
Please make sure to use the correct address when sending your applications / documents.
The postal address is:
Hamburg police
HR department
PERS 41 / medical care
P.O. Box 60 02 80
22202 Hamburg

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