Stop and park, apply for a visitor parking permit


Important notes


  • Main or secondary residence of the applicant in the selected resident park area.

Documents required

  • valid identity card or passport with current registration certificate
  • Vehicle registration number of your visit to be entered in the visitor parking permit (e.g. as a photo)

Please note

Important: The visitor parking permit must be displayed visibly in the vehicle!

  • The visitor parking permit does not secure a specific parking space, but only allows you to park in a parking space in the resident parking area in which you are registered.
  • A visitor parking permit can only be issued for a specific vehicle (license plate is entered into the visitor parking permit).
  • The visitor parking permit is only valid on the selected day of the visit.
  • A maximum of 20 visitor parking permits per person can be applied for per month.
Apply for a visitor parking permit online
You can apply for a visitor parking permit online via the Hamburg service portal. After applying online, you can immediately print out the visitor parking permit at home.
Important note: When applying for a visitor parking permit, please ensure that you enter your details correctly. You can use the spelling on your ID card as a guide. Otherwise technical difficulties may occur.

Apply for a visitor parking permit at the LBV on site:
Appointment booking
  1. Under the Resident Parking service group, select the Visitor Parking Permit Application service.
  2. Use the location selector to view appointments at a specific location.
  3. After choosing the location, use the calendar displayed to choose a free appointment (date and time).
  4. Now enter your name and email address to book.
  5. You will receive an email. Please confirm the appointment.
Please be sure to bring the appointment confirmation that you will receive with you to the appointment.
Without appointment
You can also use the appointment booking page to find out when and where you can apply for visitor parking permits without an appointment.

Important note: When applying, you must provide the vehicle registration number of your visit, as this will be entered into the visitor parking permit.

If you have any further questions about visitor parking, please send an email to the mailbox: Please note that unfortunately questions cannot be answered by telephone.



Procedure & Fees



Processing time

The online application only takes a few minutes. After the online application, the visitor parking permit can be printed out immediately at home.

If an application is made on site at the LBV, the visitor parking permit will also be issued immediately if all documents are complete.


The fee for a visitor parking permit depends on the fee zone in which the resident parking area is located. In toll zones I and II the fee is EUR 3.00 per day, in toll zones III and IV EUR 2.50 per day. The fees result from the Hamburg parking fee regulations.

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