Poison Information Center North

Poison Control

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The phone no. for inquiries from medical professionals (doctors, hospitals, etc.): 0551 38 31 80

Procedure & Fees


When you call, please provide the following information:

  • What happened?
  • Who poisoned themselves? (Age and body weight)
  • How did the poisoning take place?
  • When did the poisoning take place?
  • How much? (Number, quantity or volume, frequency)
Please describe conspicuous phenomena, in particular the level of consciousness, breathing and external abnormalities. If you have sufficient knowledge of the situation, the poison information center or your family doctor can provide decision-making aids and instructions on first aid.
In the case of unconscious people, you should always inform the emergency services (Tel. 112)!
Call first, then act! This is the only way to prevent under- and over-therapy as well as unnecessary hospital stays.

Legal notes

Legal basis

Chemicals Act

§ 16e ChemG - individual standard

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Poison Information Center North
Robert-Koch-Straße 40 37075 Göttingen

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