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Authority for Economy and Innovation; Air transport policy and economy, aviation personnel, air traffic control

Apply for permission to erect obstacles to air traffic

You must have cranes, wind turbines, sky projectors and other potential obstacles approved near the airport or airfield. Businesses and citizens can obtain information from the Air Transport Department and apply for the necessary permits.

Important notes



Documents required

You are welcome to use our online service for cranes and simply submit your application digitally. In the case of sky beamers and other potential obstacles, an informal application with the following content must be submitted:

  • Precise information about the installation location (street, house number and, if possible, coordinates)
  • Period of use (day and time)
  • Height of obstacle above ground
  • Responsible exhibitor

Please note

Approval for the construction of aviation obstacles (e.g. construction cranes, mobile phone masts, tall buildings, etc.)


At least 14 days before the start of the work/before the obstacle is erected

Procedure & Fees


After the application has been received in good time (at least 2 weeks before the installation), the process will be passed on to Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH (DFS) and the Federal Supervisory Office for Air Traffic Control (BAF) in accordance with § 31 LuftVG. As soon as the expert opinions are available and there are no concerns, the aviation law approval will be granted. Timely approval can only be guaranteed if the application is received here in good time.

Processing time

14 days


The regular fees for the approval start at EUR 100.00 in accordance with the Costs Ordinance of the Aviation Administration (LuftkostV) plus the DFS fee for the expert opinion. The exact amount of the DFS fee cannot be specified. The fees result from the Cost Ordinance of the Aviation Administration (LuftKostV).

Legal notes

Legal remedies

objection within the objection period

Legal basis

§§12, 14, 15 and 17 LuftVG

Designation: § 12 Aviation Act (LuftVG)


Designation: § 15 Aviation Act (LuftVG)


Designation: § 17 Aviation Act (LuftVG)


Designation: § 18a Aviation Act (LuftVG)


Designation: § 31 paragraph 2 number 7 Air Traffic Act (LuftVG)


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Service description

Do you intend to use a crane in Hamburg or Norderstedt and are not sure whether you need a permit for this? Here you can check online whether a permit is required and you can also submit the corresponding application online.

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Authority for Economy and Innovation; Air transport policy and economy, aviation personnel, air traffic control
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