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Driving license, accompanied driving from 17 years, additional escorts

Even after passing the practical driving test, additional accompanying persons can be considered. They must be included in the test certificate. The inspection certificate is exchanged by the LBV.

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Important notes


Requirements for the accompanying person:
  • Entry in a test certificate (several accompanying persons are possible; there is no limit)
  • Have had a class B driving license (old class 3) for at least 5 years
  • Minimum age 30 years
  • At the time of the application, the accompanying person may not be charged with more than one point in the register of fitness to drive at the Federal Motor Transport Authority in Flensburg

Documents required

  • the signed declaration of the accompanying person or several accompanying persons, as well as
  • their driver's licenses and
  • ID cards (if necessary legible copies) of the accompanying person.
  • Information from the driving aptitude register at the Federal Motor Transport Authority (can also be arranged by the State Transport Authority)
  • test certificate
  • appointment confirmation

Please make sure to make an appointment. Either the driver's license holder, the additional companion or both appear at the appointment.
For more information, see the link "LBV Accompanied Driving - Driver's License at 17" (see below)

Please note

  • The application for accompaniment must be submitted by the holder of the driving license, by the additional accompanying person or by both persons.
  • If the accompanying person is not the legal guardian of the driver's license holder, a legal guardian must authorize the holder.
  • The underage person can also obtain information from the driving aptitude register at the LBV.
  • If necessary, the test certificate for accompanied driving will be exchanged on site immediately.
  • If there are entries in the driver aptitude register and cannot be accessed online, a second appointment must be made.
The driving license offices LBV-Mitte and LBV-Nord are responsible.

Applications and detailed information can be obtained directly from the LBV. Please send your questions to the following email address:

appointment booking

  1. Visit the website to book an appointment (see link below)
  2. Under the Driver's License service group, choose the Change of Driver 's License Data service.
  3. Use location selection to display appointments at a specific location
    Use the date picker to find the next free appointment regardless of location
  4. Choose a free appointment (date and time) in the displayed calendar
  5. Enter your name and email address for booking.

You will then receive an appointment confirmation. Please bring these with you to the appointment.

Procedure & Fees

Processing time

immediately, provided all documents are complete


For each additional accompanying person, there are costs of EUR 8.80 (card driver's license) to EUR 13.30 (old driver's license).

Payment methods available

  • Girocard
  • Cash payment

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