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Aircraft noise complaint - online form

You can use this service to report an aircraft noise complaint to the administration.

Important notes


a noise event that has occurred

Documents required


Please note

In order to be able to process and evaluate your complaint in a qualified manner, please enter your personal data. Only with the help of your surname, place of residence and street address can we count you as an individual complainant. If you do not provide complete personal information, you will be anonymous and not counted as a complainant.
The data you provide will be deleted no later than March 1 of the following year, provided they are no longer required for processing the complaint.
Each form submitted is counted as one complaint, regardless of the number of complaint events recorded.



Procedure & Fees


The aircraft noise complaint is automatically sent to the responsible clerk at the Environment, Climate, Energy and Agriculture Authority. When you use this form, you will receive an automatic confirmation of receipt if you have entered an e-mail address.

Processing time

About 5 minutes after "sending" you will receive a direct confirmation of receipt.


free for reporters

Legal notes

Legal basis

§§ 3 ff. Aircraft Noise Protection Officer Act (FLSBG).

Service description

Aircraft noise complaints can be entered quickly and easily using the online form. In this way, your complaint will reach the responsible clerks at the Environment, Climate, Energy and Agriculture Authority. The data collection serves to combat and control aircraft noise. Your data will not be used for other purposes. Anonymous complaints are only counted but not evaluated. Personal data will be sent no later than March 1st. of the following year deleted.
The following areas can be evaluated, provided the information has been entered:
1. Place of residence (in Hamburg with district, the surrounding community)
2. Date and time of the event against which the complaint is directed
3. Reason for Complaint
a) Frequency of flight movements
b) aircraft in individual cases
c) Flight route deviations
d) ground noise, stationary runs
e) Light aircraft, helicopters, sightseeing flights
f) disturbing the night's sleep,
g) other noise events related to airport operations
4. Number of complaints and complainants

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Authority for the Environment, Climate, Energy and Agriculture
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