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As a person with foreign nationality, you usually need a residence permit in order to be able to stay in Germany legally. This residence permit is issued as an electronic residence permit (eAT) in credit card format. The electronic...

As a person with foreign nationality, you usually need a residence permit in order to be able to stay in Germany legally.

This residence permit is issued as an electronic residence permit (eAT) in credit card format. The electronic residence permit contains your personal details and information about your residence status. This data is also stored on a chip (electronic storage medium).
With the electronic residence permit, you can use the online ID function on the Internet.

The period of validity of your electronic residence permit depends on how long your residence status is valid and how long your national passport is valid. In the case of permanent residence permits, the electronic residence permit is valid for a maximum of ten years, after which you need a new card.

If you have lost your electronic residence permit or if it has been stolen, you will need to reapply as the passport number is noted on it.
You should have the online identification function of your electronic residence permit blocked in the event of loss or theft. You can do this at the responsible customer center for foreigners matters or by calling the blocking hotline 116 116 around the clock.

Important notes


  • You must be registered in Hamburg with your main residence and have a secure residence status.
  • The responsible authority will tell you what other requirements you have to meet in order to obtain an electronic residence permit. You can also check this yourself by using the "Hamburg Residence Permit" online service (see links).

Documents required

  • Your valid national passport or passport substitute or identity card substitute.
  • If available, your current residence permit or proof of the current right of residence.
  • Please use your EC card instead of cash to pay the fees.
  • If you receive benefits from the job center or basic security, please bring your benefit notification with you.
  • Have you already used the online service? Please also bring the originals of all uploaded documents with you.
  • A recent biometric passport photo.
  • If additional documents are required, the authorities will contact you.

Please note

  • The blocking hotline 116 116 is always available. It is free of charge from the German landline network.
    Charges may apply from the mobile network and from abroad.


The application deadline is 4 months before the validity expires.

Procedure & Fees


You will receive an electronic residence permit if you have applied for the issue, transfer or issue of a residence permit, a Swiss residence permit, a residence card or a permanent residence card and the authority has approved this application.
  • You report to the district office responsible for you and show your application request.
  • The district office will give you an appointment to submit your application to the district office.
  • You come on the specified date and submit your application.
    • The district office checks the granting requirements.
    • You pay the fees.
    • If the decision is positive, your biometric data will be recorded.
  • The authorities will order the electronic residence permit for you from Bundesdruckerei GmbH.
  • You come to a pick-up time agreed at the first appointment and receive your electronic residence permit.
  • Collection is also possible by a third party upon presentation of a power of attorney.
If you want to complete the process online:
  • You use the Hamburg residence permit online service (see links). There you enter your personal data and upload the required documents.
  • After the competent authority has checked your documents, they will contact you to arrange an appointment. In the future you will be able to book an appointment.
  • The district office will check before your first appointment whether you meet all the requirements.
  • The remaining procedural steps correspond to those of the written procedure.
If you have found or received your residence permit again, you cannot have the blocked residence permit unblocked by calling the blocking hotline. You have to go to the immigration office in person.
However, the eAT card can only be unblocked if a new eAT card has not yet been ordered from Bundesdruckerei.

Processing time

The processing time is approximately 4 to 8 weeks.

Depending on the order volume at Bundesdruckerei GmbH, it may take a long time after the application has been made before the electronic residence permit is finally issued.


Residence titles / residence cards / permanent residence cards / residence permits are regularly subject to a fee.

  • Residence permit, EU Blue Card or ICT card:

    • First issue: 100 EUR

    • Extension: 93-96 EUR.

    • Change of purpose: 98 EUR.

  • Mobile ICT card

    • First issue: 80 EUR

    • Extension: 70 EUR.

  • Settlement permit (depending on the legal basis): 34.50 - 147 EUR.

  • Permit for permanent residence EU: 109 EUR

  • Issuance of a residence card, a permanent residence card, a GB residence document or a GB residence document for cross-border commuters: Fee equal to the fee charged for issuing ID cards to Germans.

Legal notes

Legal remedies

You can lodge an objection in writing or for the record with the office that issued the decision.

Legal basis

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